Collection KAMILLA

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Collection KAMILLA

KAMILLA collection by Victoria Stenova Exclusive in the SOFT TOUCH technique is our new flower story, which we dedicate to the fragile, strong and very talented Russian figure skater Kamilla Valieva. The soul is asking for spring, and all women love flowers, because it's so great to create a paradise and a blooming garden in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

A stable and at the same time very pleasant to the touch matte coating is provided by our new exclusive soft touch technology with a vinyl content 2 times less than usual. As a basis, a unique dense and elastic non-woven fabric with a density of 90-130 g/ m2 is used, providing an ideal lightweight sticker without seams. Designed specifically for new homes to prevent the effects of the "shrinkage after construction" effect.

The KAMILLA collection by Victoria Stenova Exclusive is a beautiful expressive peonies, it is an accent wallpaper, an inspiration wallpaper!

Non-woven wallpaper with a low vinyl content is made in the technique of SOFT TOUCH, size 1.06*10.05m.