Collection DELUXE

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Collection DELUXE

Meet the DELUXE collection by Victoria Stenova Exclusive made using SOFT TOUCH technique!

Natural texture is the center of attention. The marble pattern is one of the most popular in design and architecture. Its unique graphics give interiors depth and elegance. This collection will revitalize the space, bring us closer to the natural habitat.

White marble on the walls will visually expand the space and fill it with light, lightness and the very airiness that is so necessary in a small space. That is why it is so popular among designers.

Matte smooth texture SOFT TOUCH perfectly combines with the pattern of marble, creating a complete impression of an unusual expensive coating, and it is definitely not wallpaper, in the usual sense.

We use as a base the highest quality German fleece with a density of 130 g/m2.

Fleece wallpaper with low vinyl content is made in SOFT TOUCH technique, size 1,06*10,05m.