Home is a place where we all really want to relax, get away from the hustle and bustle and problems!

The bathroom is one of those places in the house where you can fully relax and create a comfortable relaxing atmosphere around yourself. You can take a bath with sea salt, foam or your favorite essential oil. Turn on the music or enjoy the silence. To be alone with myself.

We think every detail is important. And even the towel that you use after the bath should be a worthy continuation of your ritual.

In the STENOVA HOME catalog you will find for yourself exactly that soft terry towel that will look great in the interior of your bathroom and, of course, will be pleasant to use.

All towels are made exclusively of eco-friendly 100% cotton, we intend to move away from the use of synthetic materials when creating decorative elements in order to give the products maximum absorbency, make them comfortable not only in use, but also when washing.

You can buy terry towels in our online store.

Make your life more comfortable with STENOVA HOME towels!