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Wallpaper from the ALMAZ series is a wallpaper for painting with a surface layer resistant to mechanical influences.

Vandal-proof wallpaper in this series is resistant to mechanical damage, you can be sure that they reliably protect the walls from the pampering of children and animal activity. Please note that they are ideal for rooms with high traffic.

They have the following properties:
- High quality components, including high-quality non-woven fabric manufactured by Mayak-Technocell;
- Reinforce walls, hide small cracks;
- Have low flammability (difficult to ignite, low-combustible);
- Perfectly painted with water-based paints;
- Low paint consumption, can be repeatedly repainted (5-7 times);
- Do not require time for impregnation, the glue is applied to the wall;
- The usual glue for non-woven wallpaper is used.

Wallpaper can be used for finishing residential and non-residential premises.

The series includes 11 designs with different structures, which allows you to design a variety of interiors: offices, apartments, country houses, as well as children's institutions and children's rooms in apartments.

Pay attention to repair interlining ALMAZ article 889790, which is made of high-quality non-woven material and is intended for repair, reconstruction, reinforcement and decoration of walls and ceilings.
It creates an excellent basis for applying paint coatings, decorative plasters, and also reliably protects walls and ceilings from cracking.

The main advantages of repair interlining:
✓ Premium European raw materials (manufacturer AHLSTROM, Belgium);
✓ Optimal density of 130 g/m, ease of gluing, no creases;
✓ Gives a perfect slide on the wall when gluing;
✓ It is removed dry from the wall without damaging the base of the surface;
✓ Reduced paint consumption (up to 30g/m2 for acrylic paints);
✓ Absence of the effect of "fluffiness" after painting when painting.

We note that the ALMAZ series wallpaper does not require compliance with party accounting. 

It is recommended to use glue STENOVA Premium Universal.

Vinyl wallpaper for painting on a non-woven basis is made of high-quality materials with a high density: from 113 to 154 g/m2 (alternative to fiberglass), GOST-6810.
Roll size 1.06 * 25 m.
Roll weight from 3 to 4.07 kg.

 Article number

Roll weight, kg

Density g/ sq.m.   


 4.07 kg

154g/ sq.m.;


 3.62 kg

136g/ sq.m.;



150g/ sq.m.;



145g/ sq.m.;



146g/ sq.m.;



143g/ sq.m.;



113g/ sq.m.;



155g/ sq.m.;



128g/ sq.m.;



132g/ sq.m.;