Collection ASTI

Collection ASTI

We named our new series after a small town in Italian Piedmont, also called the famous sweet sparkling wine that is produced there. The sparkle of the texture of the wallpaper of the new ASTI series really resembles champagne.
The key design points of this series for us were: the relief and volume of the embossing, the lightness of the composition and the graphics of the contour lines.

Notice how the very interesting multi-faceted texture of the background attracts the eye. In this collection, an interesting mix of plaster and textiles has turned out, the first is responsible for relief, and the second for comfort and harmony. The smoothness of the lines, the so-called "air" in the drawing and the correct proportions, all this makes the motif of the collection light and unobtrusive. The motif can be used on 4 walls in a small room and at the same time get away from the effect of excessive congestion.

With each new collection, we try to make our technique more filigree. When creating wallpaper, designers have achieved a very spectacular "work" of two decorative effects at once with varying degrees of sparkle and play, we really like the effect of a neat glow on the background.
In the ASTI series, this effect was applied for the first time not only on the main elements of the motif, but also on the background-base, and on the background-companion.

As a result, we have a collection that is very feminine and romantic, it attracts attention with its delicate grace and magnificent color scheme.

Non-woven wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06 * 10.05 m.