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Collection BE LINE

When creating the BE LINE collection, we were inspired by the fashion for geometry, hence the name BE LINE-BEAUTIFUL LINE. Beautiful line). The BE LINE collection is a modern bold design dominated by simple and clear lines, which allows it to fit into any interior without reference to any particular style. We took this principle as a basis and added some geometric chic.

You will be able to bring a spark to the interior in a minimalist style or add more strict lines and design magic to an eclectic interior. Diagonal lines increase the space, which allows you to see new facets of a familiar environment. In this collection we wanted to show you that geometry in the interior is not always "strict". Despite the fact that a clear drawing covers a large surface of the canvas, it still has softness and fluidity. Trendy shades and our iconic superglaze coating create a fashionable combination that will be relevant for many years to come.

The BE LINE collection provides complete freedom of expression and gives room for experimentation.

Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06 * 10.05 m.