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Collection CHARME

It is with great pleasure that we present to you 8 of the most fashionable interior shades of 2022 in the innovative collection of the new CHARME wall covering from Victoria Stenova. Minimalism is an eternal trend, loved by both designers and consumers. Matte monochrome walls in light actual shades are always very popular and absolutely universal for any room.

In this collection we used SOFT TOUCH technology! It is a matte, smooth, seamless and tactile pleasant coating with a suede effect. They contain 2 times less vinyl than usual, and the basis is a German non-woven fabric with a density of 130 g per sq.m. It is such a non-woven fabric that is used as a popular repair non-woven fabric for painting on the market. A thin vinyl layer provides all the functional advantages: moisture and light resistance, durability, strength, ease of operation, absence of folds and creases. The wallpaper is marked with 3 waves, in practice this means that the canvas is guaranteed to withstand 100 wet wipes with a soap solution with a soft sponge.

Create your perfect interior together with Victoria Stenova!

Non-woven wallpaper with a low vinyl content is made in the technique of SOFT TOUCH, size 1.06*10.05m.