Collection COSMOS

Collection COSMOS

Space has been stirring the minds of mankind for many years. Many of us have read the works of H.G. Wells and Ray Bradbury - and now the time has come when cosmic motifs from literature have smoothly migrated into interior design, because a person is always drawn to the unknown.

Our new COSMOS design will make you plunge into the world of fantasy and intergalactic mysteries. Cosmic motifs in the interior create the illusion of weightlessness and space, we tried to make the same beautiful design as the fantastic beauty of the universe. The star style will become an organic reflection of different trends: high-tech, modern, minimalism, futurism, techno and fusion, where sometimes completely incongruous things get along.

As with many designs of this style, we experimented and used new elements of decoration and new ways of applying color. Metallized paints of new shades, shimmering mother-of-pearl, glow-in-the-dark elements in the drawing, delicate plaster, voluminous, but very soft and cozy - all this distinguishes COSMOS design from other Art Nouveau wallpaper designs on the market. The glowing silhouettes of the planets make the design non-trivial and impressive.

The space theme in the interior is good because it can decorate any room in the apartment - from the hallway to the bathroom or nursery. At the same time, one room can be decorated in this style, or the whole apartment can be decorated. The style is easy to maintain with the help of all kinds of decorative elements, unusual furniture and appropriate lighting.

The space interior in the nursery is a chance not only to captivate the child with astronomy, but also an opportunity to settle him in a real fairy tale. Both boys and girls will like this interior, and it will be relevant regardless of age. The design of the kitchen will be unique and at the same time very comfortable when combined with minimalistic glossy facades from IKEA and with expensive conceptual facades made of natural solid wood.
Non-woven wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06 * 10.05 m.