Collection DUBAI

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Collection DUBAI

The inspirer of this collection was the bright and fashionable city of Dubai! Modern bold design certainly attracts attention. Dubai manages to combine the features of a sleepless metropolis with the calm flow of life in the Middle East. We tried to take these features into account and developed a truly unique and at the same time universal design.

The dynamics of the drawing fascinates and seems to "push" the walls, giving the interior volume and lightness. The architectural image of palm leaves in the style of ZAHA HADID distinguishes DUBAI among the abundance of floral prints. Futuristic accents evoke an association with the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which majestically towers over the Persian Gulf. The structure of the wallpaper is expressive even in light colors, and soft matte textiles as a companion background will balance the accent motif.

Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06 * 10.05 m.