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Collection EMOTION

In the best traditions of beautiful floral wallpapers from Victoria Stenova, we present the EMOTION collection. The beauty and purity of a June morning, a pink haze in an apple blossoming garden, and you are overwhelmed by the same feeling of unconditional happiness and inner harmony. It is pointless to deny the importance of the emotional beginning in the interior of the house, because flowers soothe and bring joy.

The stunning relief texture of the textile background, reminiscent of a light mist, a loose composition with one branch for the entire width of the roll, voluminous embroidery of delicate buds and petals — these are the main accents of our collection. Multicolored and monochrome color solutions serve different purposes, but both options, due to the beauty of embossing, set the right mood for the interior. EMOTION collection with a feminine character, it is able to make even the smallest room more cozy, because the vertical orientation of the composition allows you to optically stretch and expand the space.

Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06 * 10.05 m.