The Perfume Diffuser Filler (Refill) from STENOVA HOME is designed to help you restore your favorite home fragrance in a bottle you already have. Additionally, you have the option of becoming an interior designer and creating your own diffuser in any container.

The diffuser filler (refill) is available in plastic bottles of 100ml. Ingredients: essential base, perfume composition, alcohol-free.

Please refer to the instructions for use included with the refill. To use the refill, simply open the bottle with the filler, then fill it with the aromatic composition from your previous STENOVA HOME diffuser. One bottle of filler is sufficient to fill a 100ml container or two 50ml containers. Additionally, the product can be used to fill any interior container, allowing users to create their own home diffuser. Please note that the scented liquid should not come into contact with water. It is important to ensure that the bottles and containers used for filling are dry and clean.

Create a relaxing ambience in your home with STENOVA HOME!