Porcelain dishes


Porcelain has always been appreciated! STENOVA HOME porcelain tableware is a thoughtful design that meets the latest trends in table setting! In our assortment you will find porcelain plates, porcelain cups and saucers, snack, dinner and deep plates! Designer porcelain tableware from STENOVA HOME is suitable for everyday use not only at home, but also in restaurants, hotels and cafes. The dishes are resistant to mechanical and thermal influences, so they can withstand large temperature fluctuations and retain the heat of the food for a long time. A set of porcelain dishes also makes a great gift! The advantages of STENOVA HOME porcelain include minimal wear from moisture penetration and its destructive effect from the inside, due to the use of high quality glaze for coating. Porcelain can be actively washed in the dishwasher and used in the microwave. You can buy porcelain dishes in our online store. With STENOVA HOME porcelain dishes you can always feel like you are in a restaurant without leaving your home.