The unusually delicate floral collection of AMANDA towels will not leave anyone indifferent and will bring summer to your bathroom exactly when you want it!
The designers have worked out the color scheme of the collection in such a way that all the current shades of towels are perfectly combined with each other and make it possible to create sets in different color schemes. Warm milky, soft pink, bright accent color fuchsia and neutral beige towels will definitely fit into any bathroom and create the right mood right in the morning.

In production we use only 100% cotton, while the high density of the towels (500 grams) ensures excellent absorbency.
Please note that the one-sided texture on the front side of the towel and the smooth surface on the back are designed specifically to enhance the absorbent effect, which ensures daily comfort.

We adhere to the line of using only natural ingredients, and therefore our decorative jacquard border also does not contain synthetic fibers.

It’s very easy to create a summer mood every day! Series of AMANDA towels always brings a blooming summer in your home!