The RELAX towel collection was created to give its owners a feeling of relaxation! The design of the RELAX collection reminds you of pleasant moments of relaxation in your favorite bathroom or memories of a beach holiday!

The series is released in basic shades: white, gray and sand, with many decorative techniques. Look how the neatly shimmering silver thread in the border adds elegance. Zigzags create an effect of volume in the relief. Fringed trim along the edge of the product gives it a finished look.

To give our towels extraordinary softness, we treated them with hot air. Increased absorbency of the product is created due to 100% high-density cotton 550g, and for functionality, each towel has a convenient hanging loop.

Of course, such a textured, beautiful and soft towel, decorated with fluffy fringe, will become an indispensable accessory on the beach, in a fashionable SPA center, wherever there is a place for relaxation and a relaxed atmosphere.

Relax and experience the taste of life with towels from the RELAX collection!