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Collection ARTLOFT

Architectural or decorative concrete as a finishing finish of the walls began to be used in the 20th century.
The fashion for it appeared together with the birth of the loft style in the era of industrial development. After a short period of time, this trend strengthened its position along with the popularity of minimalism and industrial.

The ARTLOFT collection by Victoria Stenova will certainly appeal to lovers of laconic decorative plaster and gray shades in the interior.
The concrete embodied in the wallpaper turned out to be even more pleasant to the eyes and to the touch. It is perfectly combined in the interior with wood, brickwork, steel surfaces and glass. The collection harmoniously fits into various styles in the room.
The ideal free composition of the motif emphasizes the beauty of decorative concrete. And our chips are volume, relief, exceptional matte finish of the plaster coating in the backgrounds (wallpaper companions) and metallization on the letters in the motifs of this series. Yes, and, of course, interesting interior colors, and not only gray...which is very unexpected for concrete, but it certainly looks very stylish and relevant!

Non-woven wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping. size 1.06*10.05m.