Collection BELISSIMO

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Article: 283172-283181

Collection BELISSIMO

Only the stars are higher! One of the favorite slogans of the Victoria Stenova team! Our new technology SOFT TOUCH has captured the hearts of many, so we decided to take it to a whole new level. Meet the BELISSIMO collection in SOFT TOUCH SHINE technique! This is the same non-woven base with a density of 90 g/m2, wallpaper with a reduced vinyl content and an incredibly soft texture, but now with a stunningly attractive effect of internal glow and unsurpassed flicker.

We have achieved a complete visual similarity with such popular methods of decoration as Venetian and Moroccan plaster or "wet" silk. The legacy of the Renaissance masters has finally found a new reading in a modern and affordable wallpaper line. The sophistication of color solutions, the incredible glow of metallic paints, the light shining of the star of the night, intriguing with its flickering, the highest detail of the texture pattern will allow you to create a solemn, light-filled interior.

Non-woven wallpaper with a low vinyl content is made in the technique of SOFT TOUCH, size 1.06*10.05 m