Scented candles


Candles, candlesticks, candelabra ... all of this, first of all, is associated with a solemn atmosphere and a holiday. Why not give yourself such emotions every day?
The European tradition of arranging candle fireplaces at home and lighting candles for no reason confidently enters our consciousness. The flame of the candle soothes, the light warmth fills the space with comfort, and the gentle fragrance takes us to the cherished places.
All these functions are able to combine candles made of natural soy wax, created in continuation of the theme of perfumery for the STENOVA HOME. Recognizable compositions in combination with a natural base are revealed extremely delicately, enveloping the space with a light slightly sweet aroma.
Main material: natural soy wax, cotton wick, organic composition as an aromatic filler,glass beaker.
Wax volume is 150 g, gorenje burning time is 36 hours.
Candles are safe for health and the environment, the main thing is that they are made by hand!
Each candle has an individual gift box made of designer cardboard.