Perfumery of Italy offers a bright and saturated collection of fragrances that evoke the scents of herbs, gardens, and the sea. These irresistible aromas allow you to create a special atmosphere and immerse yourself in the waves of the sea, feel the salty breeze, and enjoy the fragrant herbs.

We are pleased to offer you our fragrance sketches, which are impressions designed to take you on a journey through a range of emotions. Our new line of home fragrances, produced for us in Italy by STENOVA HOME, is now available in the form of sprays.

Simply spray the fragrance to create a special atmosphere or to intensify the aroma of your diffuser.

The intensity of the spray's scent depends on the amount used. When sprayed on fabrics and furniture, the scent lasts longer. Additionally, since aroma sprays are alcohol-based, they also function as disinfectants.

The alcohol-based spray comes in 100 ml bottles and is available in eight different scents, including berry, floral, and woody notes.

Italian aromatic sprays for the home can be purchased on our online store. Discover new scents with STENOVA HOME!