In modern interiors, elements such as candlesticks and candelabra play an important role.
Of course, today they are used more often as an interior decoration than for their intended purpose. Candlesticks like to be used now to create a stylish interior and spectacular table setting.
All candle stands are divided into different types, depending on what material they were made of.When choosing, it is necessary to rely on personal needs and how they fit into your environment. With the help of candlesticks made of wood, stone, or other materials, you can bring design elements at the peak of fashion into your home.
We are ready to offer you candlesticks made of modern and safe material with a wide size range. Due to their versatility, they can be a great gift for any celebration.
This unique product in a stylish and concise design will perfectly fit into the interior from classic to modern and will help you create a harmonious atmosphere, put the finishing touch to the interior of your cozy home.
Please note that due to the absolute transparency of the candlestick, the flame of a lit candle creates an amazing play of light and shadow on surfaces and gives a special charm to the surrounding atmosphere.

Candlesticks from the STENOVA HOME trademark have both practical and decorative properties and will definitely appeal to both mature and young customers.